The following utility functions are available as "value" in a JSS definition.

JSS.linearGradient([point,] color [,color] ... [,color])

This function returns an array of gradient values for webkit and mozilla.


JSS.linearGradient("silver 40%", "gray")



"-moz-linear-gradient(silver 40%, gray)",

"-webkit-linear-gradient(silver 40%, gray)"


Sample usage:

background_image: JSS.linearGradeint("silver 40%", "gray")

JSS.color(color[, factor])

This function takes a color either as string in format (#)RRGGBB or as array [r,g,b] with RGB values. It then multiplies the single values for red, green and blue with the factor and returns the result as String in format #RRGGBB. If factor is omitted factor 1 is used.


JSS.color("#ffc800", .9)

returns "#e5b400".

Sample usage:

background_color: JSS.color("#ffc800", .9)